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Bluntpower Spray a Must Have for Stores

Bluntpower Spray a proven best all time preferred choice for bottled air freshener spray in it's class. There are over 200+ scents available now in a new convenient 1.5oz. plastic bottle. Nutel Distributors offer the best wholesale price.  


Blunt Power- Wholesale to Retail   Buy Now   

BluntPower is a company dedicated to great smelling and lasting air fresheners. This US Company based in Atlanta has been in business since 1991, and has developed over 200 scents of air fresheners.

All air fresheners are highly concentrated and designed to last for days. The company sells their products through their official website at bluntpower.com and through different distributors and retail outlets in the US, such as Nutel Distributors.

Here are some details about BluntPower's product lines and a brief on how you can purchase this freshener in bulk for resale.

BluntPower(Reg) Product Lines

BluntPower products can be broadly categorized into three. These include:

BluntPower Air Fresheners

BluntPower air fresheners are oil-based and come in spray form. Just like any oil-based pray, these air fresheners come with a lasting scent. It helps that the sprays are highly concentrated and a little goes a long way. Three sprays can last for up to three days or at least for two days. The fact that the spray is oil-based also means that users will be able to enjoy it to the last drop as such sprays do not dry up even when used for a long time.

BluntPower Spray: What is BluntPower About?

The spray comes packaged in a small 1.5 oz. bottle. Plastic bottle. The fact that the bottle is small means that it can be tucked inconspicuously in any place. The spray can also be carried with ease when one is on the move, thanks to the compact packaging.


BluntPower air fresheners can be used in the house, in the car, and anywhere else that needs a fresh fragrance. The air fresheners will mast smoke, pet smells, and other unpleasant smells at home or on a job site.

As a rule of thumb, air fresheners should be kept away from pets and other animals. The BluntPower air freshener is not any different and should be kept beyond the reach of pets. These fresheners can, however, be used at home without risking the health of pets.

BluntPower Long Incense Sticks   Buy Now

These incense sticks comes packed in 17 inch incense tubes. The sticks are perfect for use at home and you can burn them in areas where you need some great fragrance. The fact that the sticks are long means that a single stick will last for quite some time. The stick generally burns slowly and each stick will burn continuously for about two hours.

BluntPower incense sticks are just as concentrated as the sprays. Burning the stick for a few minutes will therefore mask any strong odors and leave a lasting fragrance. The sticks come in over 50 scents. With such a wide variety, store owners can stock many fragrances that will satisfy customers will love.

BluntPower Mini Incense Sticks

This is the newest addition to the bluntpower.com's product lines. As the name suggests, these are the miniature version of the long incense sticks. Just like the long incense sticks, these mini sticks are designed to deliver a concentrated fragrance. The sticks also burn slowly and a single mini incense stick can burn continuously for 30 minutes.

Aside from the size, the other difference with the miniature version is that the sticks come with a resalable pack. One can therefore open the pack, burn the stick for a few minutes, and put it back to the pack for future use. The fact that the pack is resalable means that storage after use is made easy and the integrity of the stick is safeguarded.

Just like the long incense sticks, the mini sticks come in a variety of scents. There is definitely a scent for every one and a perfect scent for every occasion.

BluntPower (Bulk) Wholesale Purchases  Nutel Distributors

Business owners who stock air fresheners can make good money with BluntPower products. Our company sells in bulk to select retailers who wish to resell these air freshening products. Bulk purchases attract a wholesale price so that the resale value can yield healthy profits.

Just like with people who are buy products for their personal use, orders can be placed through Nutel Distributors' ecommerce website. Simply go to the wholesale products category and check out the BuntPower. product lines and scents available.

Store owners should check the specials on all wholesale products to see which BluntPower products have any current discounts our staff will help process your order and delivery so that you can receive wholesale BluntPower products, get them in your inventory and start selling them within the shortest time possible.

Nutel Distributors offers assistance in case the products you ordered are damaged in the process of shipping. Store owners need to contact Nutel Distributors immediately in such an event. Tel: 678-825-8007 ext. 1

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