A display rack improves product visibility and sales. Customers are most likely to buy a product once they see it as attractive and appealing on display. Store owners can assist customers in making the right choice by putting some items on display and organizing these in a way that will draw people's attention.

Specific Benefits of Retail Display Racks

Display Racks Grab Customers' Attention - In a highly competitive store area, a physical display case causes customers to stop and look at specific products. Use an appropriate display rack that can organize and store items in an eye-catchy manner. The path towards the approach to the payment counter is an excellent placement in a convenience store, gas station or truck stop.

Racks Help Maximize Store Profits - Most shoppers purchase items they consider as appealing while on display. Brand products are often put on display in elegant fixtures to capture people's attention for impulse buys. The combination of display rack, lighting and arrangement of products on display contributes to making sales on products with high profit margins.

Test Product Demand With a Display Rack – One of the best ways to see how fast a product can move is to feature some items on display racks and track all sales of new products. Armed with this information, owners can decide to order much more or much less (none) inventory of certain product lines.

Display Racks vs Display Stands

Generally, a display stand is a propping tool that you can use to feature some flyers, posters or promotional items . There are stands that can hold signs and any type of flat advertisement tools. Modern stands can support digital signs using the newest technology. The main purpose of a display stand is to make a one-dimensional item appear three-dimensional and more vibrant. Hence, it "adds life" to a material that is flat and not catchy. 

Most shop owners use display stands on tables or cashier area, and other high-traffic areas in the store. These stands are also positioned at eye-level to help people have a better view of featured items or promotional materials.

On the other hand, display racks are designed to organize products. There are different types of racks available including slatwall, gridwall, table displays and pegboard gondolas. Mainly, gondola types of shelves or racks are two-sided with adjustable features. These are free-standing racks made of steel or wood, and several products can be placed on these.

Choosing the Best Display Rack for Your Store

A store manager's choice of the right display rack depends on the item being featured, as well as the amount of floor space available to use. Think about the collective weight and size of the items, which the display rack of your choice should be able to hold properly. Heavy items are best put on display using steel-made racks with shorter shelves, yet ample support. 

As for items with rough and sharp edges such as ceramic decor or tools, it is better to steer clear from wood racks since these products can damage the finish and surface. The whole idea is to match the product with the display rack material, capacity and size to ensure safety and proper storage.

In stores selling small and lightweight electronic products or hardware, these are best placed on rolling carts or slatwall gondolas. Canned food items and alcohol or wine bottles are perfect on gondola shelving and custom racks. Gift shop products and handicrafts are best featured on gridwall or table racks with accent lighting to highlight these items.

Working With Display Racks

The amount of work involved in installating a display rack can range from very easy to quite difficult. Racks that are a breeze to install are mostly pre-assembled table display and gondolas, slatwall and gridwall. The tougher ones to install and set up are gridwall and slatwall panels.

When buying display racks, store store owners have several options from which to choose. Easy to setup racks can be shipped by freight or common carrier and received within a few days. Nutel Distributors regularly ships display racks to convenience stores, hospital gift shops, computer repair shops, cell phone repair shops, super markets, and liquor stores.

A Countertop Display Rack
A Countertop Display Rack

The Bottom Line on Displays

When selling products, it is important to understand the value of putting them on display using the right racks or shelving options. So, be sure to purchase an appropriate style, size and quality of display rack or stand that will accommodate the weight and type of product you are looking to showcase in your store. Call us at (678) 825-8007, extension 2 with any questions you have about display racks.