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About Nutel Distributors

Nutel Distributors is an online seller of Wholesale Cell Phone Accessories.

If you are looking to buy wholesale cell phone accessories to sell for a good profit in your store, knowing where to purchase is a vital step, since the money you save goes directly into your profit column. However, looking for a good wholesaler of cell phone accessories is not easy. In fact, you have probably tried searching for it on your favorite search engine 3 or 4 times, but each time you always end-up with something you don't find to be suitable. Here's one little truth about these kinds of sites:

Most "wholesale" cell phone accessories you see on the web are actually intended for sale to retail customers. This is why you see a lot of single items. Now imagine yourself going through all of the single items to sell for your store. It doesn't take long to realize that it's a mind-numbing task and you'd rather spend your time elsewhere.

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Wholesale-Priced Cell Phone Accessories are Profitable for All Types of Retail Stores

So why do these stores masquerade themselves as wholesalers? Simply because they want to give retail customers the idea that they are selling goods at "wholesale" prices, when actually they are not. Many online store owners know that they make bigger profits selling at a retail level rather than selling wholesale to small phone accessories stores. Most small to mid-sized phone accessory stores buy in bulk at discounted prices, but the volume is not large enough to produce profits that surpass selling at a retail level.

While most online phone accessory "wholesalers" are not a fan of small wholesalers, it is still in your best interest to spend time and effort searching out the right supplier. In fact, the U.S. consumers alone spends more than $63 billion in cell phone accessories each year. If you own a small cell phone accessory store, then there's a lot of money to be made. You just need the right information when looking for a good supplier. Below are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Don't Focus Too Much On The Price

    When shopping for wholesale cell phone accessories, there are a lot of things to consider. Just focusing on the price alone is a big mistake.
  2. Take Time To Look For Real Wholesalers

    One good sign to tell if the store is a real wholesaler is if they don't sell to retail customers. Also, a good wholesale supplier is willing to work with you to arrive at the right wholesale price. A good supplier can also help you in deciding the best-selling products for your type of store.
  3. Check For The Refund Policy

    Once you find a couple of potentially good wholesalers, then it's critical that you check on the refund policy. The last thing you want is getting damaged and defective goods, and there's no way to get your money back as the supplier doesn't have a refund policy. A good wholesale supplier will always stand behind the merchandise they sell. Some will even work with you if the items are not selling very well.
  4. Always Ask About The Best-Sellers

    A good wholesale cell phone accessory supplier has a good idea of what's selling really well at the moment. Choosing the right product to sell is already a big part of making profits. When you get your hands on the best-sellers, always showcase them. Showcasing is a visual technique to entice the customer to make the purchase, and you should not skip it.

Yes, it is true that finding a quality wholesale phone accessory supplier may be difficult, but the market is huge. It is definitely worth spending extra time and effort in locating one. Just don't forget the tips mentioned above to make things a lot easier. Note that Nutel Distributors is one of the quality suppliers that will be on your list after you have done a thorough search. Welcome!

By the way, Nutel Distributors satisfies each of the four tips above. Spend as much time as you need here in the Nutel Distributors Catalog, looking for wholesale cell phone accessories, and other wholesale-priced products which you can sell profitably at your store or website. Establish an account on our site today (requires a sales tax exempt permit) to see prices on all items. Store owners can pay for orders using all major credit cards through Paypal, by online invoice with a company purchase order number, or with a faxed or mailed company check made payable to Nutel Distributors LLC.

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